What we’re playing with

Tool Experiment Impressiveness Category
https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt Trialling GPT 4 for content creation (https://cheerful-lamb-42c.notion.site/Trialling-GPT-4-for-content-creation-978a91cdf81f4e15bf4d8a982f47c0f1) https://emojipedia.org/exploding-head/ Text Generation
https://www.wisdolia.com/ Using AI to remember more (https://cheerful-lamb-42c.notion.site/Using-AI-to-remember-more-123569a07afa4941b7377dfc00ca8e1c) https://emojipedia.org/exploding-head/ Flash Cards
https://www.notion.so/product/ai?utm_source=google&utm_campaign=19760657944&utm_medium=147709666538&utm_content=649989555747&utm_term=notion ai&targetid=kwd-1547008718840&gclid=CjwKCAjw8-OhBhB5EiwADyoY1Waox_8mwKRaBagod5crkeRYev_-N-Ij_qLus76z3TBdGX64ks1k6xoCaqMQAvD_BwE How good is Notion’s built-in AI? (https://cheerful-lamb-42c.notion.site/How-good-is-Notion-s-built-in-AI-930b7f0e2e0645a0822d8de816debacd) https://emojipedia.org/exploding-head/ Text Generation
https://runwayml.com Turbocharging video editing with AI (https://cheerful-lamb-42c.notion.site/Turbocharging-video-editing-with-AI-a15956ae2bc44ce799576180e65c1fbc) https://emojipedia.org/exploding-head/ Video Generation
Tool Comparison What’s the best AI copy editor? (https://cheerful-lamb-42c.notion.site/What-s-the-best-AI-copy-editor-b1fca87961c44af99744fb20f33f7ab9) https://emojipedia.org/exploding-head/ Text Generation
https://www.midjourney.com/home/?callbackUrl=%2Fapp%2F Exploring Midjourney’s images (https://cheerful-lamb-42c.notion.site/Exploring-Midjourney-s-images-8d17a8ce33194bed814375cfb004a938) https://emojipedia.org/exploding-head/ Image Generation
https://surferseo.com Testing out AI-powered SEO (https://cheerful-lamb-42c.notion.site/Testing-out-AI-powered-SEO-43b62400b57c4f629c394ff9d01082db) https://emojipedia.org/exploding-head/ SEO
https://convert.leiapix.com Turning pics into gifs with AI (https://cheerful-lamb-42c.notion.site/Turning-pics-into-gifs-with-AI-04285ad380914ac2b5c73d688603670f) https://emojipedia.org/exploding-head/ Video Generation
https://fliki.ai Turning text into videos with AI voices (https://cheerful-lamb-42c.notion.site/Turning-text-into-videos-with-AI-voices-263ea38174c9434d84913393961f94cd) https://emojipedia.org/exploding-head/ Video Generation

There’s been a lot of talk about AI recently, with rapid new advancements whipping the media into a frenzy. A lot of commentary is theoretical, with people writing about products they haven’t even tried.

At Loomery we believe in the power of hands-on testing and rapid prototyping — the only way to truly understand an AI service is to actually use it. Playing around with the software in this sandbox gives us the experience we need to tackle our clients problems, with no risk.

AI is already an important aid to the rapid iterative digital product development we do at Loomery, and the stunning rate of progress means we have to keep up to date with the latest AI-based tools. Anyone sticking their head in the sand and waiting for the hype to die down is bound to be left in the dust of those embracing this new tech.

To further this goal, we’re building a database of AI tools which we’ve explored. These explorations can either be of products which address specific use cases, or more general AI tools with many differing applications.

We’ve written an article for each tool where we experiment with it, discuss its applications, implications for Loomery and the world of work in general, and analyse its strengths and weaknesses.

Experiments in the Loomery AI sandbox

Trialling GPT 4 for content creation

Testing out AI-powered SEO

Turning text into videos with AI voices

Turning pics into gifs with AI

Exploring Midjourney’s images